It’s Starting To Get Depressing Knowing My Social Life Only Exists On The Internet…

When did my social life become an internet only affair? I get replies on twitter faster then texts these days… that’s depressing.

When did I get here? How exactly did this happen?

No one just calls to talk anymore. I miss late night phone calls about ridiculousness, why Coke is better then Pepsi, why I would be the leader of a small army in a war of the world, who would win in a fight, why Mel Gibson was better in the 80’s (and its not because he’s more crazy now, we all know that just doesn’t come from no where…. and he had that curly mullet… that was a sign my friends). I guess I just miss the simplicity of friends calling friends just to talk.

I’m getting so sick of the let down. I always get so excited to see people, and then after awhile I just feel like I’m not actually inside anymore. I’m on the outside looking in.

Feeling like your on the outside is cool in the movies because those girls suddenly turn into rock stars or fairy freaking princesses, but in reality what happens is you drink Jameson in your room and write blogs like the ones you wrote in 2002? I thought we were past this? *insert image of me pointing at myself in a mirror with a stern look*

Reality is that I need a freaking hobby. I need something to do that could make the pain of realizing that none of my friends really consider me close anymore feel less like this.

In a way, I wanted this, to stop having to be everyone’s “Dear Abbey”, to stop only being needed when someone needed an ear to listen to. But what am I left with now? A phone book filled with numbers that never text me back? A whole mess of people on facebook who don’t speak to me but like to creep on my pictures? Seriously, why does this site even exist? it’s so creepy when you really think about it. 

Maybe it’s time I grow up too and realize that nothing ever really lasts forever.

When I drink I get more pretty  (Taken with Instagram at Shark’s Cove)

When I drink I get more pretty (Taken with Instagram at Shark’s Cove)

Bathing suit hunting is very difficult. I’m very easily frustrated.

Stripes, lace AND skulls. I look like fabricland’s barf bin.  (Taken with instagram)

Stripes, lace AND skulls. I look like fabricland’s barf bin. (Taken with instagram)

My Favourite Beauty Products

Sorry boys, this one is for the girls tonight.

Someone sent me a request and since it wasn’t about taking my top off I decided to indulge. You wanted to know, here you are. My favourite products.

1. Quo Make-up Removers & Q-Tips

Okay, I have tried them all, these ones are the best! The make-up removers don’t burn your eyes and get every ounce of water proof mascara off your face in about 5 seconds flat. They’re only $10 bucks too, which is a total steal.

2. Derma E Very Clear Facial Scrub & Moisturizer

Working for a company that supplies natural beauty products is great. I can read every ingredient in this and after only 2 uses I really noticed my skin felt softer. The only down size to the moisturizer is that is doesn’t smell great. There are no added perfumes or scents and I think that’s the reason why. If you can get past the 10 minutes of the smell you’re golden.

3. BioSilk

It’s great for smoothing unruly hair ( which I have thanks to my parents). I use this when my hair is wet before styling. It takes a lot of the frizz out and it makes my hair super shiny after flat ironing it. It’s also amazing for dry skin. If you have dry legs in the winter, add a little of this and you’re going to love yourself.

4. Perfume I love. Haute Couture by Givenchy, Lola by Marc Jacobs & Miss Dior Chere.

My go-to is Givenchy, but these other two have worked their way into my heart.

5. EyeShadow palettes - Naked by Urban Decay & Smashbox

Neutrals are my favourite. I love subtle sparkles & browns and these two kits make my life so easy. All the colours can go together so I never feel like the colours don’t compliment each other.

6. Quo Quad in Downtown Brown - loved for the same reason as above.

7. Joe Fresh Blush in Pale Peach. It was $6 and such a great product. I am the palest woman on earth (without a skin pigment problem or illness of any kind) If you’re a non-pink blush person this is for you!

8. Smashbox Photo Finish & MAC Mineralize Skin Finish

The Smashbox is an eyelid primer. I don’t know what it is about my eyelids, but they’re at war with eyeshadow. This stuff is like crazy glue. I very rarely have creased eyeshadow anymore. It’s a tiny bit pricy at $18, but you use so little it lasts. I recommend this to pretty much everyone.

I never used to wear foundation. I used to have really dry skin and it always made me look like a mud monster from a swamp. Anyways, this one is so light and airy it feels like nothing is there at all, and it balances out the spots on my face that have a little less yellow tone then the rest (yah, I’m a yellow skin tone person, insert jaundice/see through skin jokes here, but trust me, I’ve heard them all). I’ve always been a MAC fan so this is just another product I love.

9.MAC lipstick & lipliner - NUDE enough said.

Kiehl’s Balm #1 in Mint. At $12.50 a pop this is the biggest embarassment to me. I can’t believe I spend this much for Lipbalm, but I do and I don’t regret it. It’s amazing, and makes my lips so soft. It helps take the awful sting out of dry chapped lips too. Overall great staple item.

Tarte Matte Lipsurgence in Envy. If I ever buy multiple pieces of makeup at once, its this in fear of it being discontinued. Its matte, its burgundy and it has a hint of mint. It’s the best thing to ever happen to me, and I would make out with this moisturizing lip colour.

10. Butter London’s “All Hail McQueen”. It’s a beige/purple nailpolish with so much sparkle. It’s understated and neutral and yet glittery and shiny. It’s also $17.50. yah, I can’t deny I spent that much on nailpolish. Sometimes you have to just splurge.

So there you have it, some of my favourite products. I hope you’re happy because I feel like a huge girl.

*** I FORGOT A/G JUNK FOOD LEAVE IN CONDITIONER. This stuff is like cake for your hair. I have the weirdest hair. It’s course, thick and curly so its the ultimate frizzball. I am really bad at getting regular hair cuts and with this I seem to go even longer without cuts. ***

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My Top 10 Records of 2011:

1. Balance and Composure - Seperation

From pretty much the moment I heard this record, I knew it would be one of my favourites of the year. Although perhaps losing a little of the heaviness from their songs on the Tigers Jaw split, B&C still retain a quality of song-writing that is largely unmatched elsewhere in the genre and scene that they usually find themselves placed within and I’m excited to see where they progress to next. An essential record for any listener who likes to be challenged and think outside of the box when they put a record on for the first time.

2. Fireworks - Gospel

Another record in this list that marks a step forward in terms of song writing for the band concerned. Where their previous LP had a lot of great ideas and catchy songs, it sometimes felt a bit disjointed and a little forced. This record however, feels like a band who have found a fresh confidence in their ability and as a result the record benefits from being a lot more cohesive and fluid. While a lot of songs are stripped-down numbers, full of pop sensibilities (‘Oh, Why Can’t We Start Old And Get Younger?’), there are still plenty of intricate sections that give the record a longevity and, trite as this may sound, a sense of maturity (album highlight ‘Teeth’ being the prime example.) It’s a shame that this record seems to have been overlooked in many ‘Best Of’ lists, because it’s excellent and should, by rights, push the band on to new levels of success.

3. Title Fight - Shed

I wrote a pretty lenghty review of this record when it was first released and everything I said back then - maturity, cohesion, great decision getting Walter Schreifels onboard - all still ring true. A brilliant record.

4. Polar Bear Club - Clash. Battle. Guilt. Pride.

No doubt some people will say I’m a bit biased when it comes to PBC records, but this release is nothing short of outstanding in my opinion. Full of massive, soaring chorus’ and a couple of unexpected moments (‘3/4 Tango’) this is a record that I keep coming back to and finding new things to love.

5. Into It. Over It. - Proper

Having only really heard Evan Weiss’ (aka Into It. Over It.) songs played solo, it was a pleasant change to hear a record played with a full band behind him. The added musicians create a new depth and dimension to the songs on offer and result in a record that is genuinely beautiful. There may be a danger that with a full band on them, some of the tracks become cluttered, but the production and level of musicianship mean that this is never the case; delicate numbers are given the space they need to breath and then more forceful tunes are backed up by the required level of noise and hostility. It’s a record that seems to collect all of Weiss’ ideas from his prolific back-catalogue and delivers them in one succint, cohesive output and it is truly a joy to behold.

6. Joyce Manor - Joyce Manor

I must admit, this record only made a late run in to this list after seeing it in SO many other people’s end of year favourite lists. I’d heard it when it first came out and really liked it, but I don’t think I fully appreciated its merits until this past week. Discordent and melodic at the same time, there is an urgency on show that conveys Joyce Manor’s obvious enthusiasm for the songs that they’re playing. The record flies by in a little under 20 minutes, but in that time they have crafted enough memorable tunes that it’s extremely hard to not hit rewind and begin the whole record again right away. Definitely ones to look out for in 2012.

7. Action Bronson - Dr Lecter

The best hip-hop record that I’ve heard this year, ‘Dr Lecter’ brings to mind the easy New York flow of artists like Nas and Ghostface Killah, while at the same time putting his own stamp on proceedings and creating something unique. Much of this is down to his lyrics, which frequently reference his background as a gormet chef in New York City and this adds an interesting twist to his songs. So much better than the average outputs from artists like Drake, this is one of several records that is helping to bring New York rap back in to the spotlight.

8. Transit - Listen and Forgive

Their last record saw Transit make significant steps in progressing away from their earlier, more regulation pop-punk sound and on ‘Listen and Forgive’ they’ve truly left it behind. What they’ve created instead is a delicate, intricate output that recalls Taking Back Sunday or more recent Saves The Day. This shift in direction suits Transit perfectly - they’ve never sounded better musicaly in my opinion - and the whole record has a nostalgic feel, partly due to the nods to the 90s emo-punk bands that clearly shaped it. It’s not perfect, some of the songs are maybe too polished and clean, but it’s a progression that stands Transit in excellent stead for the future and elevates them above other bands in their genre, many of whom are quite happy treading water, recycling the same New Found Glory riff. Transit clearly weren’t content with this, and that is to their eternal credit.

9. Arctic Monkeys - Suck It and See

In my view, Arctic Monkeys have never made a bad recording. After their critically acclaimed previous record, ‘Humbug’ - that while excellent, left a lot of Arctic Monkeys fans confused - the Sheffield foursome return to more familiar ground, although still progressing as musicians and as a unit. Drawing on the influence of classic 60s guitar pop, this is a record that swaggers and shimmers with a confidence and depth that most indie bands like to think they have, but which few truly possess. Alex Turner’s biting, witty lyrics are still present and the whole output cements Arctic Monkeys as the best guitar rock band around.

10. Omegas - Blasts of Lunacy

Frantic, fist-pumping garage tinged hardcore that is miles better than most of the other hardcore outputs this year. I’ve read some descriptions of Omegas as having a “New York hardcore sound” and while this isn’t strictly true, they do bring to mind the ‘classic’ 80s sound of bands like Minor Threat and Agnostic Front, while also drawing influence from more modern bands such as Fucked Up (the early stuff, obviously) as well as garage acts such as The Mummies. Vibrant, fresh and aggressive, this record is essential for anyone who’s become disinchated with hardcore in recent times.

Honourable Mentions:

Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here

True Widow - As High as the Highest Heavens and From the Centre to the Circumference of he Earth

The Jealous Guys - The Love Mixtape

Fucked Up - David Comes To Life

Touché Amoré - Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me

This is one smart man right here. Pay attention.


this is perfect

Julia, Jenn. You’re welcome.


this is perfect

Julia, Jenn. You’re welcome.

Christmas Without Snow

It’s kind of funny really, we all complain (save for you weirdos who actually like winter) about snow, and now that we haven’t got snow for Christmas its well, sad.

This time last year we had over 90cm of snow. This year (total) we’ve had 15cm.*

I’m a snow hater 100%. It’s very pretty in pictures and from the comfort of the window seat, but to be out in it for extended periods of time? PASS.

I’m not athletic anymore. Even when I did enjoy sports I didn’t like winter activities. Two years ago some friends convinced me to go tobogganing with them. I went down the hill so fast and hit a jump and landed so hard on my tailbone I saw stars. I will never do that again.

My favourite winter activities are wearing my current favourite grandma sweater with a good book & a cup of tea infront of the fire. Sounds cliche, well some aspects of my life are cliche. I live with the fact, you can too.

It’s just sad to see all the houses decorated for chistmas with no snow to go along with their Santa & sleigh, or the way the snow sparkles against the lights on the outdoor trees. 

I suppose I really don’t 100% hate Snow. It makes everything beautiful. 

*This stat is for Orillia Ontario and immediate surrounding area*

Airport Chic (Hierarchy of Fashion for Flying)

As you may not know (because I’m sure you don’t pay attention to every social media account I have) I went on a family vacation 2 weeks ago. My favourite part about vacationing with my family is the 3 hours we spend (international flights, because we all know Canadians always go south for fun) in the airport.

Picture this, 5am. At that point in the morning I am able to pull a pair of yoga pants (which like the Tide commercial, I wear for anything but) and a t shirt with a cardigan (you know, it gets kind of cold on the plane!). So there I am, black & grey, makeup-free and hair in an efficient ponytail. So we get into the hotel lobby (remember, I’m a hillbilly and live outside the major city centre with the airport) and immediately something is wrong. Why are there 5 women in 6 inch heels and sequined party dresses standing infront of me? My first thought is that they’re still partying from the night before. Boy, what a mistake that was. Nope, they were on the same airport shuttle as me bound for, yep, you guessed it - Texas (bet you were expecting Vegas or LA… me too!).

I reach the airport and collect my bags from where the kind driver threw them. Standing inline to check my bag I notice several more women dressed like they’re going out at night as well as a handful of men in track suits and way too much cologne.

When I fly I try to blend in. I don’t want to draw attention to myself (this is mostly due to the fact that I usually fly alone and have a weird fear of being accosted in the airport or having my computer stolen).

I understand why people want to not look like they just rolled out of bed, I really do. Maybe I just don’t care enough what people think of me to get up earlier then necessary to shellac makeup on my face and to iron my blazer so it can get wrinkled from sitting extended periods of time.

Ok, enough about the fancy people. The other end of the scale is the people who look like they literally jumped out of a bin filled with various sized clothing and somehow managed to get pants and a shirt.

You see, “normal” people who like to blend somewhere in the middle of this scale seem far and few inbetween (at least in Terminal 1 at YYZ (Toronto for those of you who aren’t up to date on your airport codes). Maybe I couldn’t see the people who were just trying to look clean and not crazy. Maybe the glitter from the diamonds (more likely costume jewelry but I wouldn’t say that to one of the real housewives/husbands), and the sight of the mismatched track suits caused me to overlook my own kind.

The point is, if you’re ever bored just look around. There’s always something interesting happening around you. There are always crazy people out that who help you claim normalcy.

(yes, I rushed the ending, I was boarding my flight and now I have no idea where I was headed.)

Adele is one serious bombshell.

Adele is one serious bombshell.

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